Portal "" - offers you advertise your apartment or hostel in any country. Our specialization - only a short-term rentals, so the site can only add property which is leased for a short period of time. If you are the owner of the apartment, hostel or at your disposal is a short term apartment, we offer you to advertise it and take an apartment together with the portal


                             How to add apartment to site ?

1. Make a flat form, sure to include the following information:
    - Country, city, address
    - Price per day
    - Number of rooms
    - Household appliances
    - The minimum period for booking an apartment
    - Your phone, e-mail, skype

2. Please send information about the apartment and high-quality photos of the apartment to the address

3. After receiving an application to add an apartment, our manager will contact with you and your apartment will be added to the site


If you have any proposals, suggestions, recommendations or comments about site - contact us with any kind of communication referred to in section Contacts.